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About Me

Internationally acclaimed Visual Tech-Artist | Creative Director | Wearable Art Designer | Researcher | Entrepreneur

Founder of Oshii Brownie (Mix media Fusion and Wearable Art Initiative)

Cosmic Tribe
Co-Founder/ Activist

My projects include PHANERON short film I directed based on Mental Health Awareness and Child Depression.

Dark Skies Gaze Back was the other project I directed and executed to talk about the role of light in our daily life and raise awareness about light pollution by empowering women. Access it here

Currently working at Oshii Brownie, a tech-art startup, as the Founder and Creative Director. This means I create Digital paintings and art direction work to promote local and international culture through technology intervention, to integrate character modeling techniques with fashion.

As a Co-founder of Cosmic Tribe, my work examines ways to create discourse around interdisciplinary artistic expression, to combine and reimagine technology and material exploration. To study/research the impact of artificial lights on the psychological health of the post-millennial generation my art practice, inculcates unconventional mediums of expression.

My current practice explores ways to integrate AI with digital fashion and 3D wearable fusion pieces to examine the emotion mapping ability of AI and human behavior through a futuristic lens.

The ongoing project aims to experiment with ideas to produce knowledge beyond human comprehensibility by incorporating traditional with digital techniques to execute projects around the abstract nature of light and space and the future of the human race.